AY07- parking function ,hydraulic brakes
Product Description

Hydraulic brakes, lever with parking function 


◆ Forged aluminum body, high-strength cast handle (2.5 fingers) 

◆ Open system, 2 piston 

◆ Bilateral hydraulic brake tightening disc 

◆ High-performance cermet brake pads that can be easily replaced 

◆ Free-angle tubing fittings for different frames 

◆ Non-corrosive mineral oil with good thermal expansion properties 

◆ The oil tube can be integrated or split 

◆ Weight: Front brake around 380g Rear brake around 400g   (without disc, adapter, mounting screws) 

◆ Standard disc options: diameter 140mm 160mm 180mm 203mm 

◆ Adjustable braking force grip and stop parking function 

◆ Surface treatment: anode black, anodic red, multiple colors optional 

◆ Applicable vehicles: e-cargo bike, mini courier bike , etc

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