Some basic knowledge of MTB braking
Sports bicycle disc brake, mainly divided into two types, one is the line pull disc brake (mechanical), one is the oil pressure disc brake.
Bicycle disc brakes, detailed theoretical knowledge & categories
Today I'm here to tell you about disc brakes.
Advantages & Disadvantages of Mechanical /Hydraulic disc brake
At present, whether it is road mountain models, the high-end level are rarely used to pull the disc brake line.
Difference between Mechanical disc brake and Hydraulic disc brake
Bicycle braking system is a very important part of the bicycle, its important degree is no less than the bicycle frame. 
What is the hydraulic oil brake ?
This braking system is used in cars, bicycles electric vehicles. Mountain bike brakes are mainly divided into V brake disc brake. 
Importance of oil change for disc brake
An oil change for hydraulic oil series products is the important step, for example the fork oil spring brakes , hydraulic disc brakes , so on hydraulic series products, oil change is a important step, because the oil change can improve the disc brake braking force .