Importance of oil change for disc brake


An oil change for hydraulic oil series products is the important step, for example the fork oil spring brakes , hydraulic disc brakes , so on hydraulic series products, oil change is a important step, because the oil change can improve the disc brake braking force . The purpose of an oil change is the discharge air of the tubing ,handle and  inside of the calipers ,  so that the caliper's braking force is raising obviously .  The oil pressure disc brake injected with air is often insufficient braking force,there is no braking force directly , it is not necessary to inject air into the disc brake then need change oil. For daily maintenance, it can also change oil.

First loosen the brake handle screw, the brake handle away  the set, because there will inevitably be oil leakage in the process of oil change, avoid oil touching the set, try to make the brake handle away  the set, don't bother to remove the set then change the oil, some car friends ask, why not remove the brake handle?

Because if removed, operation convenience will be declined, of course you have the assistant you can ignore this, followed by calipers, loosen the calipers, then take out to slice, avoid to make slice of adsorption on mineral oil, to make the piece is easily absorb oil, so want to far away  the oil change place, then ready for needle syringe. After taking out the order sheet, then open the oil filling screw, open the oil filling screw, the oil will quickly flow out of the caliper, first temporarily use your finger to seal the oil filling port, then use the needle to lock the oil filling port, the oil will flow into the oil filling port, this time can not be removed.

Then open the oil filling screw of the brake handle,put the oil can the syringe prepared for implementation. At this time, new mineral oil is injected into it to make the old oil flow out. It is mentioned above that the oil receiving syringe can not be loosened for this reason.

The old oil impurities of the brake handle caliper are washed clean,then the oil can be changed. At this time, you can remove the needle connecting the oil, lock the oil filling mouth of the caliper,then continue to fill the oil in the brake handle. Note that in the process of oil filling, gently pinch the handle, in order to ensure that all the air inside the tubing is discharged, you can also gently flick the tubing with your hand, the purpose is to let all the remaining air out.


After filling with oil, wipe the residual oil on the brake handle caliper, wipe it with alcohol,then load the piece, at this time the whole oil change process is completed.