These tips will make your ebike escooter braking is more durable


These tips will make your ebike esccoter braking is more durable

Last year, news broke that more than 90% of electric scooters on the market failed spot tests, including the braking distance, as the ry's safety requirements for small electric scooters became stricter. In order to achieve a better braking effect, disc brake system is often equipped with part of the high-end small transport products. So how much do you know about disc brakes? Disc brake common small problems how to deal with maintenance? Today, Verun Encyclopedia gives you a talk.

Little knowledge about disc brake

Disc brake is called disc brake, is composed of a wheel connected to the brake disc disc edge brake clamp, braking principle for the use of external force to promote the brake block clamp brake disc to produce braking effect. According to the way of controlling disc rotation, disc brake can be divided into two kinds: oil pressure disc brake line pull disc brake. Hydraulic disc brake using brake oil as a transmission material, through the action of the brake force acting inside the piston compression oil, pressure  the tubing through the caliper, so as to promote the piston in the caliper, drive the brake pad clamp disc.


Internal structure of hydraulic disc brake

The advantage of hydraulic disc brake is that it can minimize the loss of power in the transmission process, which is to achieve great braking effect with very easy strength. But the disadvantage is that the need to maintain the seal integrity of the brake oil, maintenance is more complex.

Hydraulic disc brake

The wire pull disc brake uses the tension of the brake line to make the brake pads in the calipers rub clamp the disc, producing the braking effect. This is very similar to the V brakes used on bicycles, which use brake wires to brake. But compared with the hydraulic type, the line pull disc brake will be due to the length of the line itself, elasticity,shell friction other factors,the loss of braking force, resulting in insufficient braking phenomenon. Line pull disc brake structure is relatively simple, through the replacement of the brake line good maintenance of the brake line in the line of the moistness can solve the operation of the brake weakened situation, easy maintenance.


Wire pull disc brake

Most of the power bikes electric scooters will use wire pull disc brake, mainly because of the disc brake performance is more excellent, simple maintenance, cost-effective, suitable for most models. In several common brake, disc brake performance is also in the forefront.


Disc brake common minor faults :

Although the disc brake is a cost-effective brake, it can still fail. According to some feedback of electric scooter users, xiaobian summarizes a common problem of braking in the use of electric scooter.

1. Disc brake is too tight too loose, resulting in poor riding

One of the most common problems is that too tight a brake line can cause too much riding resistance,too loose can cause the brakes to be virtually useless. The solution is also very simple, by adjusting the knob at the connection between the brake handle the brake line, you can adjust the tightness of the disc brake. Erclockwise rotation can tighten the brake line, clockwise to loosen the brake line.

2. The disc makes a noise when rubbing against the wheel

There are only two reasons for this, the disc is not properly installed to touch the brake pad disc deformation caused by friction. If the former, need to adjust the location of the disc, by adjusting the disc fixing screw to adjust the disc brake pad distance; The latter requires replacing the disc to avoid damaging other components.


3. After a period of use, there is no sense of brake after all

In this case, if it is confirmed that the brake line is not loose, there is a high possibility that the brake pad brake line is worn, check these two parts replace the corresponding parts can be restored to normal use.

How does the small electric car that takes dish brake maintain daily?

1. Develop good cycling habits

Many users prefer to brake hard, a habit that is not good for their own safety the braking system. Because the disc brake effect is better, so it is easy to lock the tire, in this case the user is easy to lose balance fall; For brake pads, frequent screeching can lead to excessive wear can be very dangerous when the brakes fail when they are really needed. So in the use of brakes should develop good habits, riding speed is not too fast, reduce the number of sudden brake, brake slowly as far as possible.


2. Check replace brake lines pads regularly

Because the brake line will lose elasticity wear due to long-term operation, brake pads (also known as brake pads) is one of the parts that are easy to wear. So it is necessary to check the wear of the two parts regularly. Generally speaking, the brake pad can operate normally for about 6 months to 1 year in daily use,the brake line must be replaced if it is damaged.

3. Disc maintenance

The wire pull disc brake is driven by a single disc, because it will invalidate the brake system if the disc deforms. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the electric scooter needs to check whether there are foreign bodies attached to the external disc resulting in deformation during operation,try to prevent the disc  being hit by external force.