What is the hydraulic oil brake ?


Introduction to hydraulic oil braking 

This braking system is used in cars, bicycles electric vehicles. Mountain bike brakes are mainly divided into V brake disc brake. The disc brake is divided into pull line disc brake and hydraulic oil disc brake. Hydraulic oil disc brake is characterized by good braking effect, good hand feeling sensitivity. Hand force relative to pull disc brake more smooth save effort . Of course, the weight is also higher. However, high-end disc brake also has very light, the price is more expensive.


Characteristics of hydraulic oil braking

1. Hydraulic oil brake has simple structure, small space for installation, just need brake pump, pump, oil cup the connecting line, do not need other accessories, air brake is much more complex, in addition to the brake pump, pump, connecting pipeline,pump (via belt connected to the engine), air cylinder, high pressure controller (adjust the pressure, Vehicle can reach 8 atmospheric pressure), relay valve other parts, need to install large space, structure is more complex,in order to ensure safety, rear brake pump is now gas brake (increased costs, complex structure).

2. Hydraulic oil brake reaction speed is slightly slow, the brake is soft, the strength is small, the air brake reaction is quick urgent, the brake is rough, the strength is big (the air pressure is high, can reach 8 atmospheres). Therefore, there are these reasons, the general oil brake mostly in small medium-sized cars, small size, simple structure, light itself, do not need too much strength, in recent years, there is a trend to medium-sized car development (load under 10 tons, some of the following 19 medium-sized passenger cars, are using oil brake). The air brake is mostly used in large trucks buses.As car has a large space so the brake force is large and the braking use distance is long , the braking reaction speed need fast, the increased cost reflects  a little proportion of the whole car cost .


Repair & maintenance

Change the brake fluid frequently. Many users often buy a new car until it is damaged without replacing it, which is wrong. Brake fluid, commonly known as brake oil , is used to transfer the driver's force to the brakes. If the brake oil is dirty the viscosity increases, it will directly affect the braking force of the vehicle. The specific performance is that the driver feels the brake is "too soft". Therefore, the vehicle should replace the brake oil every six months.

Check vulnerable parts. Hydraulic oil brake's brake system needs regular attention brake oil, also attention the vulnerable parts brake pads. In the process of driving, the sand on the road will often be involved in the space surrounded by the brake hub the brake disc, these debris will be involved in high speed impact brake pads, in the braking process, will cause uneven brake pad running. So in the brake will feel insufficient strength, slow response, sometimes shake phenomenon, so should regularly check the brake pad wear surface is uniform.